Summer Greens - Phil Starke Studio

This mini workshop deals with the frustration of those green summer landscapes that many artists deal with.  Whether it's working from a photo, or painting plein air, all that green can be tough.  In this study I'll be teaching from the palette, then taking those colors onto the canvas, and finally bringing an understanding to conquering those summer green landscapes.

In Video Demonstration 1, "The Palette", I teach mixing the greens I use for those summer landscapes to keep them interesting.  I show how I mix those greens right on the palette so you can see what color I choose and how they work together.

In Video Demonstration 2, "Applying the Greens", I move to the canvas and show how I use the greens that were mixed on my palette in "The Palette". This keeps things consistent as you see how I apply the exact mixes from Video 1.

Finally, in Video Demonstration 3, I'll show you how to use a variety of greens in different paintings so you'll be able to see a variety of applications.  This will help to solidify this concept and give you different examples, showing different ways to make those green summer landscapes successful.


This Mini Workshop contains
3 Video Demonstrations.
Each Video is available 24/7 online,
or they can each be downloaded.

Don't forget to pick up the FREE art Guide that complements this course, "Frustrating Summer Greens",  in my free Resource Library!